Code style

It is imperative that all code in the repository follows EPOS' code style carefully.

Before you commit checklist

Follow these steps before performing a commit to EPOS' SVN repository:

  1. Update your working copy and resolve any eventual conflicts. (It might be a good idea to backup your working copy before updating).
  2. Make sure your code complies to the code stylecompiles, works and doesn't break anything else. If any of these is false, it must not be commited yet.
  3. Remove unnecessary comments and initial debugging information from your code.
  4. Revert the default traits (unless you have a good reason for changing it).
  5. Run "make veryclean" to revert files like include/config.h.
  6. Analyse all files you changed, to make sure nothing unnecessary is being commited.

For example:

$ cd <root_of_your_working_copy>
$ cp -r . ../working_copy_backup
$ svn up
$ svn revert include/system/traits.h
$ svn revert include/machine/cortex_m/emote3_traits.h # (Replace with the machine/model you are using)
$ make veryclean
$ svn st # Analyse carefully which files will be commited. Revert any unnecessary ones
$ # Be sure your code still compiles and works at this point
$ svn commit # Write an informative commit log
$ rm -rf ../working_copy_backup